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Over the course of the last two weeks I have been forced to enter the world of the “underground”. Underground because my activities have taken me into territory that was yet uncharted in my life. I don’t know if I am pleased to say this or not but I had to do what I had to do.

My spouse and I have been undertaking some changes and alterations in the house. This includes putting down new flooring in the upstairs level of the house and by extension, a decision was made to also replace two toilets in the house which are now getting older.

Now in my ignorance I thought okay buy two toilets and get them installed. Well – no – it ain’t that easy. Searching and shopping for new toilets opened up a whole new world – a world that I was totally unfamiliar with – I was – dare I say it – a toilet virgin. I don’t know how many others of you that are out there but I think it only fair to share my now – fairly considerable knowledge of the world of toilets. My eyes are blood-shot and I have had headaches pouring over various models of toilets to compare their advantages and disadvantages in the context of the measurements we have.

First, certain measurements must be taken of the existing toilets and of the space you have to fit your toilet in. Now, if you are the owner of a 3,000 or 4,000 square foot house (or more) – the size may be irrelevant and of no concern to you. However, if you have limited spaces (as we do) to fit the toilets in the two respective spots, then measurements become the pivotal issue (but clearly not the only consideration).

Of course, not only the dimensions of the existing toilets and space are important, but there are many other things you have to decide upon and/or measure. Here is an intro guide to what you need to establish:

1) Measure the rough-in size – I thought what in the hell is that? It is the measurement from the wall to the mid-point of the bolts on the existing toilet. 12” is apparently the measure for most but the measurement can range from 10” to 14”. Thank you God ours is 12”.
2) Choose the bowl height – standard is 14”-15” – comfort height is 16”-17” (which apparently is ideal for taller people and people with back and leg problems). Now in my case, I have back and leg problems but so sorry – I am short – so we had to opt for standard so that my spouse doesn’t have to get me a kiddie stool (sorry for that word) to get up on the pot to go.
3) Choose the bowl shape – round is for small spaces and elongated provides more sitting room but you need more space to accommodate it. Well, so yeah, ours is round.
4) Choose Flush Maintenance – this is the “number” that measures the toilets ability to remove “bulk waste” (pee and sh… I mean poop). Also, higher ratings mean better waste removal and better clog resistance. This number is referred to as the MaP scale 350g is good, 700g is better and 1,000g is the best. (who knew????) But let’s face it, if you want the “waste” to get the hell out of Dodge then you want 1,000 or as close as you can get to it.
5) Choose Water Efficiency – 6.0L is good, 4.8L is better (explain that to me when it is a lower number), and dual flush is the best. Apparently 6.0L is now becoming old and most are operating at the 4.8L level. And, let me add, that apparently the higher the number is doesn’t necessarily reflect the toilets ability to function effectively. I don’t get it but apparently that’s the story. And I don’t want dual flush – I’ve used these elsewhere and I can never see (without my glasses) which flusher is for which. After I’ve gone I want to flush the toilet and be done – I don’t want to have to don glasses and have to make a decision on which button to use.

After pouring over countless websites and reading the pros and the cons and the reviews from people on various sites where they have bought toilets you find out the following:

1) What is sauce for the goose isn’t necessarily sauce for the gander. Some people write glowing reviews about the toilets they bought and had installed – others terrorize you by saying “DO NOT BUY THIS TOILET.”
2) When you search and ask the question who makes the best toilet – it gives you a list – you will look at the name of the top one on the list and then do investigation about that only to find out that parts for those toilets are hard to get because they are so special and they are pricey to repair so you lower your expectations (you can’t have champagne taste on a soda-pop salary) so your arse has to lower its expectations.
3) I thought maybe $300 to $400 maybe for each toilet – well certainly you can get toilets in that range but who the hell knew that they can range into the thousands of dollars. Just what do these kinds of pricey toilets do exactly? I just need them to be solid, reliable toilets that flush waste to nowhere land. And some of these toilets are just plain ugly or look like space ships and if you want basic black (which we don’t) those cost more.
4) Some have slow-close seats (they are “whisper” quiet). If I get up in the night to use the john I don’t want any toilet seat “whispering” to me and giving me a heart attack – I’m getting old. Some toilets have dual flush (as mentioned already) and some have the flushing lever on the side. I want the damn handle in the spot where I have always been used to it being. I don’t want to have to fondle the whole toilet to find the lever to flush it.

Finally, we found a toilet that would fit for us – after going online to see about buying two of them – an agent (in an online chat) says that they have to be ordered online and delivered and it takes 10 to 16 business days. Well we are on a tight schedule (for personal reasons) and 10 to 16 days takes it kind of close so I rushed off today to the store to get these two ordered and arrange for installation at the same place. Guess what? The toilet we picked was “discontinued” and therefore not available. I wanted to lay on the floor and have a meltdown – I was tired of worrying about the delivery date and quality of the toilet (actually waking up at night and not sleeping – and not because I had to use the toilet but because my mind was going over all of the calculations). Because of our various issues re size of toilet and size of spaces they are going into – there was only one other toilet to do the job. An older man, God bless his soul, helped me go over the dimensions and details again – and they worked except that the toilet only uses the 4.8L of water. While there are water savings I was concerned because less water for each flush but the man said it is actually a good toilet and the 4.8L isn’t representative of the toilet’s ability to flush the waste and that it is the MaP rating that is most useful to look at – very fortunately the one he suggested to meet our needs/requirements has a MaP of 990 to 1,000 (the discontinued one was 1,000 but who was I to argue over 10g of waste).

Installation cost for the two toilets was reasonable, the cost of the toilets was reasonable but if you want the installer to pick up and bring the two toilets they want a lot of money – if you want them to dispose of the old ones they want 80 bucks for each toilet. We will just have to live with the humiliation of the neighbours seeing two used toilets on the front lawn awaiting pickup by the city garbage folks.

After all of this crap (sorry can’t help but use the word), I came home with two toilets in the van and an installation request submitted. The old man that helped me with determining what toilet to buy loaded the two toilets on a cart and took me to the counter to arrange the installation. Another young man put them in the van for me. It took the two of us to lift these suckers out and take them in the house.

A woman called me this afternoon and set up an appointment to come and take out and put in two new toilets – thank you universe. I just hope they operate well or I just may get on the next bus out of town to someplace where the toilet is someone else’s responsibility.

In closing, I have to say that I have found out far more than I ever wanted to know about the underground world of toilets and far more than I was ever interested in knowing. Just let it be over and the installation successful and the function of these two toilets without issue.

I don’t know what people, who have large renovations to do, cope with all of the ins and outs of everything that needs to be done. But I suppose if they have money for large renovations, they can hire others to coordinate the purchasing of products, the timelines for completion and the arrangements for the workers to do it.

For my part, I am going to lay down on my bed and watch mindless television shows to see if I can recuperate from this whole ordeal.


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March 8, 2018 at 9:23 pm

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Happy Birthday Jake – if you were still here with us (in body) you would be 23 years old today. But given that you are at the Rainbow Bridge and on the other side waiting for us – you are young and well and I am sure being just as saucy as you ever were.

I can’t even find the words to tell you how much we miss you each and every day because there are no words that are adequate enough to cover it. You always gave more love than you got – not because we didn’t love you with everything that we had but because you were such a special guy – one of God’s purest angels – that we could never have kept up.

So on this day – we wish you Happy Birthday – celebrate – you are in heaven and happy and just truckin’ around (I know this for sure). Please also send our love to Casey and Coco because I know they are celebrating with you.

Love you forever and always……

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February 6, 2018 at 1:08 pm

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Like the title – okay let me see if I understand this. I have plenty to say about the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements but I will just mention a couple of things. First – courageous women all – and I am so happy to see women come together to support each other – to stand up and speak out after being threatened into silence – the lonely journey of suffering in silence – for fear of – for fear of – anything and everything happening to them, to their careers and many also wanting to save their loved ones from having to bear the burden they were carrying.

Now over to the rest of the world. I am sick to death of hearing other people comment about the fact that they are getting tired of hearing the endless stories of women coming forward about sexual assault and harassment (and some of these are women making such comments). Let me say – oh you poor dears – my heart bleeds for you – how rough it must be for you to have to hear these endless stories. Did your little pea brains ever stop to think for a minute just how bloody hard it has been for the women who have had to experience it and then carry the burden of it in silence? So – in other words – tough bananas – consider yourself so friggin’ lucky that you haven’t had to go through it yourself. I presume that is the reason why you can be so flippant as to make ignorant comments.

As to the men of the world. I am sure that not all of them are brain dead when it comes to this subject. Just the same it has taken endless tsunamis of women coming forward to get men to even wake up on this subject. Some men will still care less about the whole thing because as long as it doesn’t affect them they don’t care and they are the types who think women are there to serve them sexually and any other way they desire. Then there are men saying that they knew something was happening but didn’t say anything – why? – because they were afraid for their careers. So it was okay, as far as you were concerned, for women to be assaulted, raped or harassed and have to put up with it so that they could stay employed but you couldn’t say anything because your career was on the line. I guess if you were the ones being raped/assaulted/harassed it would have meant more to you. But now, you have no right in my opinion, to garner more fame for yourself by riding on the pain of all of these women. Years and years and years have passed away and gone and you all did nothing while either witnessing it or knowing full well that it was happening to women and you said NOTHING!!!! It was time to man up back then – not stand in the limelight now and pretend that you regret it. Still other men (in the media and the like) are mouthing platitudes to the effect that they admire these women and that they support them. Women needed your support ages ago but none of you listened or gave a crap at all – now because you can get your few minutes of fame from sounding supportive – it is a “go” for you all.

Take as one example – one mind you – of this doctor on trial for the assault/rape/abuse of a countless number of gymnasts. One father has three daughters whose lives were damaged by this pervert. I am happy that the father wanted to support his daughters – as he should – but it made me angry that he tried to lunge at the perpetrator in the courtroom – not because I don’t think the pervert deserved it – actually he deserves far more. What angered me is that, in that moment, the father was indulging his own anger and that was selfish. If he thinks he was so burdened by his anger that he couldn’t control himself – he should have stopped and thought how angry and how traumatized his daughters felt and have been feeling. Instead of making it about them – he made it about himself first – and that was ignorant (all about the male being a tough guy). It is his daughters who have been tough – to have endured it all – to have had the courage to face the pervert in court and make their victim impact statements. Again – all about the men and not the young women/women who have been the victims.

Over to the political realm – doesn’t matter which political party – this disease is rife everywhere and every political stripe tainted with it. But what aggravates me the most is hearing the Premier of our province and other political levels talking about how they are going to develop policies to deal with this. Now I know – this is what they do and how they manage these situations. However, I just don’t understand how mentally trying it is for any level of government or anyone else for that matter to be so stupid as to say they have to develop a policy to let the nimrods of the world know that it isn’t acceptable:

  • to assault, rape or harass any woman – or any person for that matter
    to disrespect any woman or person (or themselves for that matter) by being a pig
  • to allow your children to be uneducated about this subject and not learn that they can come to you if someone does any of these things to them (hello to all those dumb parents who are against sex education in the schools – shame on all of you – you have just made your children targets for pigs like this)
  • to allow your sons to be raised with the psychology that they can do anything they want to girls/women because they can consider them as little more than property.

Just a few thoughts but the list is endless – what I am saying is that it is common sense – it isn’t rocket science. And how shameful it is to think that people (men) actually need to be told this in a policy. That, in and of itself, should tell you just how bad this cancer is – society is rotting from an epidemic of it – and it has been for as far back as any of us can remember and even longer than our own lifetimes have been.

Nice that they are all going to sit down and write policies about this – but if change is really to happen – start changing the laws – AND – educate all of the ignorant judges that sit on the bench and make stupid bloody comments to victims. Stop making women victims for a second time in the courtrooms of our land – how goddamn hard is it really? I can picture it now – bunches of idiots sitting around boardroom tables trying to come up with written policies. Well we wrote it all down – we’ve done our jobs – let’s move on.

Yes move on to the next item that comes up – meanwhile there are countless women whose lives have been destroyed so badly that they can barely function and they can’t move on while their perpetrators skip on to their next target. But thank God that those policies will be written – check it off your “to do” list.

The stupidity of it all gets to me so badly that I am afraid I will suffer from spontaneous human combustion – that is how enraged I get when I hear the endless crap from politicians and ignorant people who have absolutely no idea what it is like for the women who carry the burden of what these pigs have done to them. (I apologize to pigs but I can’t use the kind of language that is in my mind as it isn’t acceptable on the internet).

I know what I would do if I could have a courtroom and run it whatever way I like – I can guarantee that any person who rapes/assaults/harasses would never be doing it again under my rule. But alas I am not in charge and I do not have that power but I can wish for it just the same.

Women need to keep the pressure up – to keep speaking up – if they are able to do so. Let me say #TimesUp – and to anyone that this offends – kiss the back of my front – go back and stick your head in the sand – seeing as you have become so familiar with having it there all this time anyway.


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February 4, 2018 at 10:20 pm

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People say that the old ways weren’t necessarily the best ways. Maybe that’s true in some cases but certainly not in all cases. I have some examples of things that happen in the world today and how people manage them or how people act – and – well – I think I like the old days better. I know – I am clearly showing my age – but oh well I don’t care.

On Saturday I was out shopping for some groceries. I was in a store and stopped at the refrigerated unit that held eggs. Let me say, there wasn’t a soul anywhere near me. I looked in the first carton and didn’t like the look of some of the eggs in it so selected a second carton of eggs. I was almost finished checking them when I saw (out of the corner of my eye) that a man was waiting to also get eggs. I knew he wasn’t there for more than a couple of seconds (because I maintain my awareness of who and what is around me). Just the same I apologized saying “oh I am sorry I didn’t mean to delay you”. The man said “no problem it is Saturday and there is lots of time.” Then I heard his wife mumble “that doesn’t mean we have all day.” I looked right at her and when I did so she slapped this phony smile on her face – so I said “lady I apologized and I meant it sincerely so I don’t know what else I can do for you today.” In past days people would have graciously accepted the apology (even though the guy couldn’t have been there for more than 5 seconds – and I mean seconds). This lady was lucky that I selected the words that I did because my actual gut instinct was to say something else to her. I hate it when you exhibit manners but people still feel the need to be assholes. Furthermore, sometimes people are stopped in a spot in a store where I have to wait for them to finish – that’s how it works people you have to wait your turn – if someone was there first they were there first.

Another example concerns vehicles on the road. People just don’t know how to be courteous to others – there would be no need for confusion on the roads if: 1) people wouldn’t cut the lines because they think they are more entitled than others 2) people would let another car (that unknowingly gets stuck due to an unexpected obstruction ahead of them) go ahead of them and give a person a chance 3) if all of the BMWs, Lexus, Mercedes and the like realized that an entitlement certificate didn’t come with their vehicles (wait your turn like everyone else) and 4) if all the little boys that have bought trucks would realize that they don’t get to intimidate everyone else by rushing up fast behind other vehicles (that just makes me drive right on the button of the speed limit and not one km faster) and it doesn’t make you a man – just an idiot. And as concerns all of you that are always in a rush wherever you are driving – learn to get up on time or ready on time so as to allow yourselves enough time to get wherever you are going – your urgency on the road does not become mine so eat rocks.

Now let’s talk about those distracted on their phones (this includes drivers and pedestrians). If you are behind the wheel of your car – get the hell off of your phones – or pull over and call whoever you need to call or text whoever you need to text. I am sick to death of waiting for you folks to wake up and pay attention to the road and the traffic signals. It is dangerous and it is rude to make the assumption that you are more important than any of the rest of us on the road. Also, pedestrians are busy complaining about drivers and in some cases they should because some drivers these days take risky chances while driving and I am surprised more pedestrians haven’t been hit or killed as a result of distracted drivers. I do have to say however, that pedestrians are also a big part of the problem. To wit, get the hell off of your phones and pay attention while crossing the street/walking on the street and stop dashing out from between cars or across the street. There is enough crap going on what with traffic, signal lights, construction all over the City that vehicles are trying to weave their way around without you jumping out from here and there and expecting everyone to stop on a dime because you are jaywalking. If you are too lazy or it is too far to walk to a corner where there is a light or to a crosswalk, then try to be cautious and don’t jump out in front of vehicles and then expect that you won’t get hit one time. In the old days, in school, we had Elmer the Safety Elephant and there were these words from Elmer that were drummed into your head as a kid. I know – it sounds stupid – but the words always stuck in my head “look both ways before you cross the street – use your eyes and use your ears before you use your feet.” Adults could learn from Elmer.

Now let’s talk about bicycles. I know that people in cars often act like assholes where folks on bicycles are concerned. Bicycles share the streets now – so car drivers – suck it up and grow up – there is room for everyone – as I said before just exhibit some courtesy. That said, cyclists shouldn’t think I am just criticizing the drivers either. If you folks want to use the road, then you have the same responsibility for safety on the road. Some of you cut in and out and all over and you expect that when you come from behind and whip in front of a car that we can see you instantaneously. Bear in mind, we can’t stop on a dime, we are having to watch other traffic (because factually our vehicles are bigger than your bicycle) and we have to watch traffic signals and all of the other confusion going on around us. Oh and if you want to use the roads, then use your hand signals. I note that very few of you cyclists use hand signals – either you don’t know them or you can’t be bothered. Vehicles are required to signal when they turn and therefore so are you. (To be fair however, I note that apparently there are a lot of expensive vehicles that don’t come with signals – if drivers of these vehicles have them then they either aren’t using them or feel that because they drive an expensive vehicle they aren’t required to use them). Again this comes down to courtesy and decency – everyone should be exercising it – like back in the old days. It isn’t that there weren’t assholes back in the old days – there were just considerably less of them – unlike these days.

Another big pug peeve I have concerns the apparent lack of appreciation by people for the things they have. I see adults and teens and young kids disrespecting their own property (i.e. cellphones/iphones, laptops and other things). In these days when things cost so much I don’t understand how people treat their property so badly. And let’s face it everyone needs the best – the top of the line and all of that. I have seen adults, teens and kids throw their laptops or phones aside like they are just a piece of unimportant garbage and I just don’t get this at all. Everything I got in life I had to work for and pay for by myself – I didn’t have a Mommy and a Daddy to hand me or fund anything and everything for me. No I am not whining about that – I learned the value of a dollar – and that if I wanted anything I had to work to pay for it. Better still, because I worked so hard for it – I respected it – and I didn’t toss it around or handle it roughly because it didn’t grow on trees for me. People who treat their property this way must be really rich and can afford to just disrespect it otherwise they would take better care of it. In the old days, people had to work hard for everything they got, and they took care of it – and if by accident, something broke they were so sad about it because it represented something important to them – something earned through hard work and cared for in the best way they knew how to do that. Give me the old days on this kind of thing. And I am sure that most think me daft for seeing this as I do – but I wouldn’t be any other way. There is pride in accomplishment – in earning things – pride is sadly lacking in people these days.

People in the world these days seem to wear rudeness and arrogance like it is a badge of honour – it isn’t – and if you wonder why so many young people are disillusioned these days I think lack of decency and respect is a contributing factor. If all is handed to you all of the time there is nothing to strive for – to earn – when you earn it – it feels good.

So I am sure that I have blathered on long enough so I’ll end this blog by saying – respect yourselves, respect your property and respect others – it doesn’t cost anything to show a little decency and exhibit some manners.

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January 21, 2018 at 9:14 pm

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Went out shopping with my spouse today to get some Christmas things (for others not ourselves). After having lost little Coco this past September, we aren’t feeling like doing the whole Christmas thing. Instead we decided to be Secret Santa to a dog that is in a rescue and hasn’t found a forever home in time for Christmas. We were assigned a little girl dog who is in palliative care with a foster Mom and has cancer. Strange how things connect since Coco had cancer but in the end it wasn’t the cancer that was the cause of the end of her life. So in a way it was a sad reminder but off we went to get this little girl a sweater (which she apparently needs) but we also wanted to add some toys and treats to her Christmas parcel for her as well. We went to six places in total to try to get what we wanted for her but in the end were successful so we just have to send the parcel now. As we checked out of the last store with the remaining items for her gift, I saw my spouse look at me and direct my attention at the checkout to a display for some dog tags you can have made up with your dog’s name on them. Right at the top was a pink bone, resplendent with shiny looking diamonds around the edge of the entire bone shape – with the name “COCO” on it. Who says that you don’t get signals from your pets on the other side?

While we were shopping in the various stores, I couldn’t help but notice the looks on people’s faces – miserable – but in looking in the eyes of some – sad and lost as they looked at things that they wanted to buy for someone but sadly replaced on the counter – clearly because they couldn’t at all afford to buy what they wanted for someone. This is the thing that hurts my heart every year and makes me sad. Things have gotten way out of hand – prices are in the sky – many won’t buy because they can’t afford it – others who can’t afford it will buy because they have to but drive up their credit card bills – all in the name of Christmas.

This is why we desperately need to get back to a time of simplicity and looking at what is important in our lives. The whole concept of Christmas has been abused commercially – the advertisements on television or the movies that show those small towns – or loving families who mean so much to each other (I’m not sure what planet all these people reside on but clearly it isn’t here when I look around me).

It is why I gravitate to shows (be they animated or regular movies or the like) where the concept of Christmas is more simplistic – shows how you share what little you may have but do it with good heart. There was a movie about a family living in the depression years and how they made their gifts for each other from whatever they had. I know – it’s a show but just the same – during the Depression this is what they had to do – and the joy came from family love and getting through another year together.

I have several movies/shows I like to see at Christmas but at the same time hate Christmas itself. I hate that it makes people feel that if they can’t buy presents (because financially they can’t afford it) or that they aren’t part of a family structure then they are made to feel like Christmas cast-offs. For myself, I don’t care – I can hack it – but it hurts me to see the pain in others that I know and love – it isn’t right.

One of my favourite animated shows to watch at Christmas is one called “Mole’s Christmas” which apparently is from The Wind in the Willows. A number of years ago, when my spouse was off to do something, my spouse asked what I wanted to watch on television – I didn’t know – my spouse saw this and asked me if I wanted to watch it – I thought yeah why not. It turned out that I just loved it – I loved its simplicity, it’s message of sharing what you may have (however little it may be) – of hope – and the general feeling of warmth and kindness in Mole’s house. It is what I think things should feel like at Christmas time.

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December 1, 2017 at 5:03 pm

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Tonight we lost another dear, furry little one of God’s special angels. Lola was a Pug cross – a rescue dog that was adopted by my friend’s family many years ago.

Lola was a fierce protector of her family (my friend, her partner, her son and their other dog Louie). Louie is a nervous guy and always looked to Lola to show him the way in things.

Lola took on the role of protector and nurse to my friend’s son who has had serious health issues since he was a young boy – he is now a young man and still has health issues but Lola was always at his side. They used to have a monitor in her son’s room so that they could hear if anything was happening health-wise with her son. But really, they would know anyway because Lola would bark and carry on if anything was happening to her son so they had a fail-safe system with Lola ensuring that nothing was ever going to happen to her son.

But as it always sadly happens – health issues made it necessary to make a decision to put Lola to rest and out of her pain and suffering. That happened tonight. I asked Jake, Casey and Coco to meet Lola and to show her the ropes on the other side – because I can assure you that all our little monkeys know the ropes.

My heart is heavy with sadness for my friends. I know only too well how lost they are all feeling tonight and what a huge gap has been left in their family home because Lola is gone.

It always reminds me to take a moment and remember how our loving fur babies teach us about what love truly is – it is about loving unconditionally and deeply and with everything you have got in you. Sadly we humans still haven’t gotten it right yet but often undeservedly get the benefit of all the love that these dear hearts give to us even in moments when we may have failed them (albeit unintentionally). That is why they are called God’s special angels and why God spelled backwards is “Dog.” One of the greatest gifts God has ever given us. I will never have the words to adequately express what they mean to us and in that way I have failed.

Rest well Lola – and remember to just play and be happy (and better still – there are no restrictions on what you can and can’t have with regard to food or treats so go for it I say).

You will be missed and always loved even though you are now in heaven.

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November 21, 2017 at 8:54 pm

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I am very late in posting some comments about a couple of things that I have read or heard about in print and/or on the radio over the last couple of weeks. So perhaps better late than never (or not).

The first story is about a girl living down in the US who was about to have her First Communion. Apparently this little girl has always loved to wear suits (pants and jackets). So her parents got her a white suit to wear for her First Communion. Sounds good so far right? Well, the story takes a mean turn because neither the principal nor the priest would let her wear a suit because she is a girl and should be in a dress or a skirt. Of course this story would piss me off for a few reasons. First of all, your First Communion is about religion and celebrating a sacrament that your Church oversees – it is about your relationship with “God” not about what you are wearing. The principal has the gall to tell the parents that if they didn’t make their daughter wear a skirt or a dress then they “were raising her wrong.” The priest also tells the parents that their daughter can’t have her communion with her classmates but that he can have a deacon do it after the service privately. I think both the priest and the principal and whatever their “rules” are – have it all wrong. The important thing is that the girl and her parents want her to participate in her religion – you would think a principal – and even more – a priest would “get that.” The parents left their church community and I believe removed their daughter from the school because they felt strongly about their daughter’s right to wear what she wanted. The interesting thing is that this family was devoted and heavily involved in the Church that failed to support them in this moment. I say good for them and a big “thumbs down” to this idiot principal and priest.

You would think that priests and the religious community would be thrilled that people are still involved in their Church life at a time when so many are becoming disillusioned with religion. Even better still – my pugpeeve – I am sick of priests getting up on their moral high-horse when the Catholic Church and its structure have been hiding pedophile priests over these many years. It seems to me that these should be the last people talking about how someone is raising their daughter just because she wants to wear something different to her First Communion. What is that old adage that my grandmother used to use? Oh yes, clean up your own doorstep first. The Catholic Church would do well to do that very thing.

The next story concerns the “Hollywood guy” – no need to use his name as he is now famous (but in a far different way) than his Hollywood history has been prior to now. Actress after actress has come forward to tell the world how they were sexually harassed or sexually assaulted by this “person”. I’d call him a pig except it seems totally unfair to pigs to even equate him in any way to them. Despicable piece of crap might be more appropriate. This is a total pugpeeve of mine as all my friends would know. There are a number of aspects about it that irk me – of course the first being how people in positions of authority or hierarchy use that position to assault or rape or harass women just because they can. Add to that the number of men who are coming forward now to say that they knew but regret not having come forward and said something. As far as I am concerned they can all shove their regrets up where the sun doesn’t shine. Typical male behaviour to stand by and know or see something like this happening but they aren’t man enough to speak up about it. Or the other men who are coming forward to say that they want to apologize because they have taken advantage of a woman or women in the past. Again they know where they can stuff their apologies. Further, why come forward now to say something? I can tell you why – it isn’t because they are having a moment of conscience – it is more likely that because women/actresses are coming forward in droves – that they fear that some may come forward and tell the world what they did to them too – so this is all about trying to get out in front of it.

The other interesting thing is that this “Hollywood guy” says he isn’t guilty of any of it because it was consensual. This argument always is presented front and centre by every guy who has assaulted or raped a woman and I for one am sick of hearing it. Apparently in the world of men if you say “no” that is interpreted as a “yes” and consent is given – at least in their minds. Here’s my take on it – If you were “man enough” to do it – then be man enough to face the consequences of what you have done. There is nothing like watching these big mouth predators try to crawl away like rats leaving a sinking ship. Apparently he doesn’t even have either the brains or a scrap of decency to stick his head in a hole and be ashamed and mortified that he was caught for all he has been doing over these many years.

Apparently there is a video of one incident that the police have in their custody – how can you say you aren’t guilty when there it is on tape? Further, this guy is supposed to be heading to a rehab centre in Europe somewhere to be treated for sexual addiction/sexual compulsivity. Well you all know what that is about – that’s about a fancy lawyer telling this asshole what he needs to do so that the lawyer can argue his case for him should he ever go to court. And by the way, what’s up with that – why hasn’t this predator had any charges brought against him? He is rich and so he shouldn’t be charged? He is rich so let’s give him time to get his ducks in a row and his lawyer time to make this all about the women and how they asked for it or led this poor predator on? The other amusing thing in all of this is that this “guy” is pursuing an avenue to say that he was let go from his position in a way that violates the contract he had. If what media is saying is accurate, there was a clause that referred to the fact that if he was sued for sexual harassment or any other misconduct that resulted in legal judgments against the company, then he would have to pay for it and not the company. Which brings me to my next question – who writes in such a clause to a contract – unless – a) you know the guy is a pervert and so you want to protect your company or b) you know damn well that this behaviour is so epidemic in your industry that you had best put that clause into your contract. Many media stories have said that this guy has lost everything – his career, his wife (who has left him and I believe filed for divorce) and blah, blah, blah. Are we supposed to feel sorry for him? Is this another thing his lawyer will use to get the court to show him some pity? Again, he lost everything because he insisted on pursuing a path to satisfy himself sexually on feed his attitude that he commanded everyone to get all that he wanted. Well time to pay the piper Hollywood guy – you chose and finally one person stood up to say something, then another, then another and the list keeps growing. That’s a lot of women saying you did it – or is a stupid lawyer going to say they are ALL lying? Even if your fancy lawyer manages to get the court to let you off by playing whatever cards they all have (there is a usual repertoire of legal bs they haul out) – I hope that all the women you did this to are laughing their asses off just watching you twist and twirl to get yourself out of the mess that you made. You’ve spent years lording it all over the women that you raped and/or assaulted – now everyone who has had any involvement or contact with you is trying to distance themselves from you. And we damn well know some of them have probably been doing exactly the same thing as you have – they just are thanking the universe that you are the one being dragged through it and not them.

In closing, my last word is – when are men going to stop playing the “consensual sex’ card to avoid the consequences of their actions?? Apparently even if a woman has passed out from consuming too much alcohol they still have given their “consent” – even sadder – judges are so busy blaming the victims that they agree with these predators on that line.


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October 21, 2017 at 11:40 pm

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