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I have ranted before about poor customer service but it just keeps getting worse and worse.

Companies and businesses (both large and small) talk about teamwork and good customer service but it is like they can’t see the forest for the trees.

Let’s go to the issue of supermarkets first.  Have you noticed how some of the big chain ones (over the last years) have set up these special stations to serve you – like “Fish” “Deli” “Hot Foods” and even “Coffee & Tea”.  Now this is all very well and good but the problem I have is that you can go to these counters and stand there for several minutes without anyone coming to serve you.  Either the staff are busy stocking up the supplies of everything on these specialty stations or they are standing there having a chat among themselves.  I am not suggesting they can’t take a minute to speak to each other but when it is a lengthy chat while customers stand there that is entirely another thing.  Likewise, it is good that they are stocking up supplies.  But while they are either chatting or stocking up supplies – they NEVER look up to see if there is a customer standing there that needs to be served.  One time I stood at a deli counter for 15 minutes and finally a guy stocking products on the floor, called over to a woman at the counter (who was having a personal chat all that time I might add) to ask her to come and serve me.  She walked over to me and said I’ll be with you in a minute.  The guy on the floor who had called her was still there stocking up stuff so, aloud, I said “I have better things to do then stand here all [expletive] day if this place isn’t interested in serving its customers.”  Sorry but at this point I was sick of experiencing this again and again.

There is no sense talking about teamwork and customer service if you aren’t going to deliver it to the customer efficiently and effectively.

The other place I have found this at is the big box, department store  (I don’t need to mention its name you have likely all been there).  If you go into any one of a number of these places, early in the morning particularly, they have a Manager or Assistant Manager gather a bunch of employees together (presumably this is a “team” exercise) and they stand in a circle and do this “rah rah sis boom bah” thingie and clap for themselves and then break and go to their departments.  Just the same, try to find just one of them to help you if you need assistance after that.  It is like they break and make a run for it and if you do find someone – they are generally having a chat with someone else and they stand and ignore you until they are good and ready to serve you.

So all these big outfits think that they are appealing to the customer and being helpful when nothing could be further from the truth.  All the hurrahs are only in their own heads – as a customer I can’t hear the music myself.

If you wonder why people lament the passing of the “Mom and Pop” kinds of stores – more and more every day – this is why.  When you used to go into these stores, they knew you (whether or not by name but by face) and they were pleased to serve you and make sure you left their establishments with what you wanted.  They worked hard and actually knew what customer service was.  The big stores think they are doing better – but they aren’t.

It is no wonder why people are so miserable when they go shopping.


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February 8, 2019 at 10:44 am

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The news, of late, defies the imagination – all because it is beyond ridiculous and worse it tells me that our society has totally sunk down into the sewers and there is no going back, no fixing it and no hope.

Let me just mention a few things.  First, let’s talk about the company that is/was supposed to be delivering a bunch of streetcars for the City but missed deadline after deadline after deadline.  I think that all levels of government have poured money into this company (owned by a bunch of rich folks) just to keep it going.  The City should have sued them and they should have been forced to pay for not meeting the contract – but the City – in its infinite wisdom had no “b—-s” to stand up to them.  This company is laughing — all the way to the bank.  Now they have the gall to say that they are going to lay off 3,000 or 5,000 workers (I’ve heard both numbers so not sure which one is correct – likely the higher one).  Why are we saving the company of a group of rich people who don’t give a shit about meeting commitments and are just outright liars clearly.

Now over to a subject that all of my friends know is like a knife running up my nerve endings.  A rash – yet again – yet again – yet again – of politicos tied to alleged incidents of sexual assault, weirdness and abuse.  Now the thing that sticks in my craw is that these are “supposed men” who are in high-level positions which you would presume would mean that they have at least some “supposed brains” other than the ones that we all know reside primarily in their pants.  They are in positions that are privy to confidential information and/or information concerning the security of our country.  And yet – and yet – apparently they don’t have the brains that God gave a goose to figure out that their actions are inappropriate or ill-advised.  One man, who has been around for a good long time, doesn’t have the brains to understand that, given his level of security clearance, that he should be more than cautious – he should be suspicious about engaging in inappropriate behaviour online when he doesn’t know who he is communicating with (and then is subsequently the subject of potential extortion).  Aside from all of this – apparently none of these men have any respect for how this blows back on their loved ones or anyone else they supposedly care about.  But not to worry folks, these men are going to get help for their addictions (or their stupidity) because while they have the supposed brains to be involved in running/representing this country or Province, their brains crapped out in their pants when it came to engaging in appalling behaviour.  The seasoned politician at the Federal level had apparently had training in being cautious about potential extortion given his level of security clearance but hey – I guess he fell asleep during training or was so arrogant to believe that he was untouchable.

Here is my training 101 – Don’t Be Such a Stupid Ass to Believe that your behaviour is okay.  And the advanced course 201 – Keep your brains out of your pants.  And the next advanced level course – No-one wants to see your old, shrivelled up junk.  

The most sad and appalling thing on the news yesterday was that this kind of behaviour has made its way into a high school.  Rich kids and they have apparently done something disgusting and terrible to other kids (or another kid).  We don’t know the details because the school spent a lot of time trying to cover it up – that is until the media brought it front and centre and videos were posted online.

Catholic Church true to form – they’ve had so much experience (and continue to have so much experience in cover ups).  Good religious folks all – run for the bloody hills people.

I’m not a big bible reader and am no scholar by any means – but I am sure that there is validity in the signs that it is the End of Days…….

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November 16, 2018 at 10:27 am

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I was listening to the radio on my way home yesterday and the topic was about Halloween and kids’ costumes and what should and should not be worn anymore because it marginalizes people and is offensive.

I think it depends on how you look at things and some thing might be over the edge and disrespectful.

Some of what should not be worn apparently is:

  • Blackface – this one I get as it is demeaning and disrespectful
  • Hiawatha/Pocahontas – really?  What is the harm here – both of these people were leaders in their own right and actually were respected in their own communities.
  • Hobo – why?  Apparently this is disrespectful of the poor.  A woman called in and said she was dressed as a hobo as a kid and would NEVER let her kids wear such a costume knowing that it is disrespectful to the poor.  Now in my mind, if this woman had bothered to take time and educate herself she would know that a “hobo” historically was a person who chose a lifestyle that was minimalist, actually chose to travel and work as needed to provide for themselves.  They weren’t “bums” if I can use the word.  A definition from the urban dictionary describes it:  “a hobo is an itinerant worker, a career which sprang up during the depression. A hobo, unlike a bum or a tramp, is more than willing to work, but mostly for a short duration, as their main impetus is travel, the love of the journey above the actual destination.”

In the usual fashion of today’s political correctness, everyone is looking for something to be insulted about or imply that there is prejudice in every move made.  It is Halloween for heaven’s sake – time for kids to dress up and trick or treat (although the safety of doing so today is in great question due to the numbers out there).  Clearly some costumes could be too offensive but there are a lot of other ones that are not.  As in the case of the hobo costume and this woman having a great fit about it on the radio – she clearly did not know the original of the true “hobo” but got her 2 or 3 minutes of fame on the radio.

If people want to know where the roots of cruelty and being offensive come from perhaps they could take a serious look at their own lives and also how they are raising their children and how they conduct themselves every day.  Their kids (and them as well) have their faces and their attention focused on their techie devices, most of them cannot string a sentence together nor communicate or spell unless it is in text format.  People have lost their humanity in all of this – they don’t know how to interact with other people – have become unfeeling machines – their kids are rude ad self-absorbed like their parents.  People have lost any value for life – take lives at will because they are “angry” and can’t control themselves and don’t feel “respected”.  People need to learn that respect is earned and isn’t an automatic right if they act like an asshole.  Their kids go to school and bully or cyber-bully other kids.  Their kids get on the buses and subways – and like their parents – have no manners – would never offer their seat to a senior or someone struggling with a bunch of parcels.  But then – my mistake – it all comes down to the Halloween costume …. how little I know and how far we have sunk as a society.

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October 31, 2018 at 11:35 am

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I hate shopping – it takes so much more time these days to shop – from the travelling time – to the stupidity that we have to (as consumers) put up with.  

I have some examples:

  1. I hate having to go searching all over the parking lot to get a cart so that I can actually shop.  They have to know that if the store is busy then someone needs to gather up carts so that customers have something to put stuff in.
  2. I hate getting a cart that has a used flyer in it – or someone’s garbage that they have left in it – or that won’t roll because the wheels are entangled with garbage in them.  Whoever gathers up the carts should have gloves on and pick out all of the crap from them so that customers can use them.  Each store should be checking the carts to see if they actually can wheel freely – I hate having to struggle with a cart that is like wrestling a bull.
  3. Stores need to have options.  I don’t want to have to drag around a heavy cart (according to google they can weigh 32 to 65 pounds) if I am only going to have to buy a few things.  The other option is to grab a basket – well often I am in between what will fit in those crummy little baskets vs the honking big carts so supermarkets need to get the mini shopping carts.  Also I have no desire to drag the weight of a basket on my wrists.  (Why haven’t some of the stores clued in on this?). Some stores have the smaller carts (but you have to go searching to see if you can find one) and others don’t have any at all.

I hate having to ask ill-informed staff where something is and then have them stand there with a blank look on their faces.  If you work in a certain department then you should know what products are in the department.  Also, it would be nice if staff working in specific departments would familiarize themselves with the “sale” items for the respective week (and what they are called).   I know people will say that these folks don’t make a lot of money so why should they make the effort.  I have an answer – because you should care about the job that you are doing – it is a reflection of what kind of worker you want to be and what kind of person you want to be.  I asked a woman on the sushi counter if they had any seaweed since none was out on the counter.  She said go to the grocery area.  I said “no” it is normally here – she said “no we don’t have that here” – I said that was interesting because it was at that counter that I normally buy it.  Why would a refrigerated item be sitting on a counter in grocery??  I quickly noticed that the problem was that she was in a race for the door because she was leaving – her shift was finished.

It also irks me no end that some supermarkets put in a coffee counter – then no-one is there to serve you if you want one – then staff it properly or take the damn thing down.

Sale flyers – apparently for the most part these are just for you to look and think of what you “might” get on sale.  If the stores aren’t going to have the sale items in stock then don’t advertise them in the flyer in the first place.  I can’t count how many times I have gone to get sale items only to hear them tell me “oh that didn’t come in” or “we are out of it” – how can you be out of it when it is the first day of the damn sale?

Now let’s talk about the “prepared foods” you can buy – one thing that aggravates the hell out of me is buying this stuff only to find out that the store gathered up the crap that was apparently about to go bad and then prepare it in nice “ready to go/eat” containers.  I have bought some salads that look nice on top – because they cut some fresh stuff and lay it on top – but then you get it home and all the “rusty brown” pieces of lettuce (and the white stalks for God’s sake) make up a large proportion of the salad.  The best part is that they charge top dollar for this crap.  Same thing – look out for “marinated” meat products – this is old crap about to go rotten – they rub a strong flavoured marinade on it to mask the crappy smell – package it – and voila – some marinated meat for your bbq – along with some illness.  How people have the gall to do this to the public and get away with it is disgusting.

Well – another joyful shopping trip for the public.

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September 25, 2018 at 1:22 pm

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Well that is what life feels like these days – not only with our own lives but with what is going on in the world.

Let’s start at home, our dogs have both been unwell, and just when we thought we were seeing some light at the end of the tunnel – the little guy starts jumping and biting at his knees and hips like something was bugging him or hurting him.  We checked for bites, fleas, tried to feel in the offending spots but every time we tried to give him a closer examination by running our hands over his legs and hips – he tried to bite us.  Not puppy bites but nasty bites – there were no fleas or boo-boos but that night he couldn’t sleep – he’d try to lay down would jump up again – would come to you for comfort but when you would pick him up he would twirl around until you put him down again.  He didn’t know what he wanted and we didn’t know what to do.  Then he kind of settled so we went to bed – all night long he was up and down and he was exhausted – we were exhausted and the poor guy had such a sad look on his face as if to say “fix it!”  Also – he develops diarrhea (which we just got over the battle with for both dogs). It is the weekend so off to the emergency vet hospital.  Vet examines him and I had taken a video of him biting at himself and twirling around – she decided is must be a flea or bug bite and to prescribe something for the diarrhea.  She said he couldn’t be in pain because his heart rate was not elevated – it as normal and there couldn’t be an infection because his temperature was normal.  Now we know our puppy well – and his nature so we knew he was in pain but of course the Vet wouldn’t listen to that and made a decision on her idea of the situation.  Two hundred bucks later we come home but what can we do.  What can we do?  Spend another night of interrupted sleep – for all of us while this poor little guy is spinning around and is exasperated himself because he can’t sleep and his bum is broken.  Now we arrive at Sunday – he sleeps in the day a bit – not because he is comfortable but because he is exhausted – then he vomits once.  We give him gentle food and try to see if he will settle – at one point he looks a teensy bit better so we go to Monday – another night of no sleep.  We call our Vet on Monday – “oh she is on vacation until after Labour Day.”  Well there was no friggin’ way we were leaving this little guy to suffer through another day of pain (AND HE WAS IN PAIN)!!!  Back to the Emergency Vet Hospital (three hours there) to see another lady Vet who examines him from stem to stern (eyes, ears, mouth, every single spot on his body down to each little toe).  Then she, as the previous one did, feels down his spine and then this time presses on the muscle tissue on either side of the spine in his hindquarters area – he yelps. She saids “I am sorry honey but I am going to do it again to be sure” – he yelps again.  (Aside note – three days previously he had ran at the couch and because he can’t make it up he bounced off the couch and fell on his back on the floor and although he got up a bit slowly – he continued to play and didn’t seem to have any ill effects.). She said “he has either pulled or strained his ILIOPSOAS muscle”.  

She said that the diarrhea was likely because he was in pain and distressed that he didn’t feel well.  (I wanted to say “tell that other imbecile who “examined” him on Saturday night that he was needlessly in pain for two days because she is an idiot that can’t do her job”!). I was furious but at the same time content that we at least knew what was going on here.  There was only the cost of the meds – not even a charge for the follow-up consultation at the emergency hospital (likely because this second woman Vet knew that the other idiot had missed the obvious and because she knew we were upset that he had been suffering when there was no need for it.  An admission of guilt from my viewpoint without her having to “dis” her colleague.

Now over to current events and things like that.  There is still the ongoing panic by government and the ill-informed public about the marijuana legalization.  But it doesn’t seem to trouble anyone that many of the killings/stabbings/accidents are rooted in the excessive ingestion of alcohol. I keep hearing about zero tolerance rules for when marijuana is legal – I agree – there should be zero tolerance where alcohol is concerned too.  But you won’t hear that because alcohol is the drug of choice for the rich and the poor alike including those in government positions who are leading the charge on terrifying the ill-informed public with misinformation.  

I laughed the other day when I hear an advertisement on the radio and at the end “paid for by the government of Ontario.”  Now I know this term well from working there and hearing it on radio and television – but I still feel now as I did then – it should say “paid for by the taxpayers of Ontario – or the taxpayers of Canada.”  They make it sound like it is their own money they are spending.  Yes.

Now this latest debacle of about 1500 poor souls that are out on the street after a huge fire in their apartment building.  The Mayor, as usual (never one to miss a photo op) is there saying how he needs our help – to offer up a place for stay for these people who are displaced.  Don’t get me wrong – it is a tragedy for these folks and a crisis in their lives.  But what I would like to know is – is the Mayor offering up a place at his home?  Is he donating money to Red Cross for them?  Is he buying new clothes and school supplies that he is saying are needed?  I mean he is a rich man so I’d like to know what he is doing.  Likewise with all of the mouth-pieces in the various forms of media – what are they all giving?  I hope they are donating money and opening up their homes as well.  It is one thing to yap about it all – but what are they offering up?  I truly do feel for these people but does the Mayor and all of the media mouths consider that it takes a lot for people to open up their homes to people they don’t know from a hole in the ground.  Just because they rent their apartments doesn’t necessarily make them trustworthy people that you can open up your home and allow access to your belongings.  Maybe I am suspicious – no – I AM suspicious of everyone these days. People are killing each other – the world is full of people who are rude and inconsiderate – so I don’t feel I can trust people in general – especially those I don’t know.  I am not unfeeling but after having been kind and generous (within my means) to others and getting back a plate of worms after – I am not feeling like I want to be bothered anymore.

It is just me or is everyone sick of turning on their television to find the news contains an endless stream of shootings, stabbings, murders and the list goes on.  But the good thing is – and you can take solace in this folks – the Mayor and the Chief of Police think they can keep building a City but not build the corresponding number of police to keep order.  They still keep defending endlessly their “community policing” plan and just want to spend money on tech gadgets and software instead of putting boots on the ground.  There is no amount of money on the earth that would ever make me want to be a police officer when your Mayor and your Chief won’t back you up.

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September 25, 2018 at 1:20 pm

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So much going on in the world and no time these days to comment as much as I would like to.

For this time I’ll start with the legislation to reduce the number of councillors in the City of Toronto from 47 to 25 and the mass hysteria that a bunch of greedy, lazy councillors have managed to stir up with citizens.

Oh my God, are people really such sheep?  Really so stupid as to believe the propaganda that the Councillors and Mayor are spewing?  I like to think about my experience here at ground level so I have comments accordingly.

  1. Most people do not understand the difference (or the existence for that matter) between municipal, provincial and federal governments.  Sorry that is the truth and I know that from personal interaction with the public.
  2. People actually believe that their councillors are “representing” them and working in their best interests.  Have they ever sat down and watched a few Toronto City Council meetings?  I have seen kindergarten classes that are more in order and more productive.  During Council meetings, councillors are on their phones, or turning around in their seats to talk to each other rather than listening to what is being said and banging on their desks like wild idiots (actually this nonsense goes on at all levels of government).  Councillors have actually admitted that they are voting on items and they really don’t know what they are voting on and that they just go along with other councillors that they align themselves with.  Not only that, they have so many items on the agendas that they can never get through them. So many items just get deferred and never dealt with because either they can’t make a decision or many of the councillors are ill-informed about the item in the first place.  As to representation, both our neighbour and us contacted our “local Councillor” regarding a problem we were having – we had to leave messages and our “representative” never got back to us.  Likely this is because she is out getting her photo-ops – which is what is most important to her.  She has decided to finally retire this year – thank God – bye bye.
  3. Also, apparently there have been recommendations in the past that Council should reduce its numbers (betcha they are hiding those documents away).  A few Councillors right now have had the guts to stand up and say that, while the timing isn’t great, they agree that Council is so dysfunctional that this reduction in numbers is needed so that something might actually get done.  It doesn’t take a math whiz to realize that trying to get 47 councillors to make good decisions for Toronto is a lot harder than trying to get 25 to make decisions.
  4. The Mayor and Councillors were able to actually make a decision (through vote) that they need to mount a legal challenge of the legislation that is meant to reduce their numbers.  This is one item on their agenda that they had no trouble on settling down long enough to actually make a decision – but then that is because it is a self-interest item.  If this goes through they may actually have to work hard instead of placing their asses in a chair and letting the years float by and collecting a salary for very little productive work on behalf of the citizens of this City.  One Councillor was whining that she had gotten her kids a dog years back and that she has to work so hard for her constituents that her postman knows the dog better than she does so she is worried about having to represent a larger size riding.  I have something to say to this.  First, who says you will get voted in again if you actually have to work at a campaign to get re-elected.  Second, true commitment to political life is hard-work and it means that your personal life suffers.  If you want a 9 to 5 job – you picked the wrong vocation – so quit – get another job and go home and get to know your dog.  The problem for so so long has been that we have the same old, tired mugs on City Council – thanks to ill-informed citizens who don’t expect anything from their councillors and vote in the same old same old, these folks don’t even work hard to get re-elected.  They used to be out on foot re-introducing themselves to their constituents and asking for their support and vote at election time – now they just stick the odd sign in the ground and don’t even have to make an effort to win another term on Council.  While I never liked this glad-handing at election time anyway because all it was for was to get themselves re-elected, they at least made some kind of an effort albeit phoney as hell.
  5. Citizens need to stop automatically voting in the same old faces – start actually demanding something of your Mayor and your Councillors.  Make an effort to learn how they vote on items that are of concern to you and start making them represent you because they sure as hell aren’t representing you now.  They are wasting your tax dollars like hell and most of you don’t seem to give a damn about it.  For me, we have been getting fleeced by three levels of government and it is time to stop accepting it and thinking it is okay.
  6. And folks – if you stop and think about it – it should be a red flag to you all that the only thing that the Mayor and Council can agree upon to vote “yes” to is constant increases in your taxes with a constant corresponding decrease in the services that the City should be providing to you.  

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August 9, 2018 at 9:58 am

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I haven’t written anything for so long but life has been busy – just the same – no matter how busy you may be – life goes on just the same and hauls you along with it. But I have noticed several things of late – pug peeves so I am going to take a few minutes and write about them.

First, let me talk about Vets – these folks have cornered the market insofar as fees for things are concerned. With having a puppy – you have final shots to get and of course you need to take a fecal sample for testing to ensure he doesn’t have worms (even though he had been dewormed 4 or 5 times before we got him). I fully expected that having a pet would cost money – they have to eat and have their health taken care of just like the rest of us. What I didn’t expect was to pay for a test, have the Vet leave a message that said the test was negative (which is good of course) but then to have her follow up with a comment to the effect that we should keep giving him the meds to prevent worms because you can get a “false negative.” What? I just paid $60.50 for a test that potentially isn’t precise? Why am I paying you a lot of money for you to tell me that it is a crap shoot as to whether the test can produce accurate results? This is just another con game that these Vets have going – and let me tell you they have many cons. Just like she asked us what food the pup was on – we told her and she said we should watch it because that food had a lot of fat in it and he was gaining weight because he was losing his silhouette. We just stood there and said nothing because there is no point in having an argument with an unarmed opponent brain-wise. This little tootsie roll hasn’t been out of vet school for a considerable amount of time so she parrots what she has learned there. Experienced or not these all these Vets want to do is sell the crappy food they stock in there clinics. One Vet does lectures about the lousy food Vets sell (of course he isn’t popular in the Vet community) and he confirmed that Vets, in the course of their training/learning, only ever get anywhere from about 1 hour possibly up to 3 hours maximum in learning about nutrition – so a viable source for good advice they aren’t. My spouse did a considerable amount of reading to learn about the food our dogs are eating and about nutritional necessities for them – a lot more than 1 to 3 hours I can tell you. There has actually been a lot of information posted on the internet about the veterinary food line they sell and just how bad it is and damage that it has done to pets. But then if you think about it – it is a win-win for Vets because they make money selling you the food and when your pets get sick they make money again. There are very few Vets who feel a “calling” to the vocation – they couldn’t care less about your pet and the only “calling” there is for most all of them is the sound of the $ sign. And as to the pup’s silhouette, I wanted to say “just because you are a scarecrow and eat air and two ice cubes a day doesn’t mean I am not going to feed my pup what he needs to grow.” We don’t want him to be overweight but I’ll be damned if I am going to have someone say something stupid to me just because they want to hawk the crappy products they sell for food.

Onto the next item, we have a new majority government. I am no political brain but I really didn’t expect such a majority for the PC party – I thought it would be a little closer than that. But it is interesting reading the columns and letters and articles in the newspaper from people with various points of view and those interested in their own issues. Of course, all of us has our own perspective based upon our own circumstances. Just the same, one article featured a couple who are concerned, now that Wynne and her cronies only need a phone booth to meet in, that the day-care objectives that she outlined (i.e. making more affordable spaces and more spaces available for daycare) might not happen. I love the parents these days – – they have gotten so used to money or advantages coming to them from every level of government that they cry the blues constantly and are forever there with their hands out. So at the risk of being highly unpopular I am going to say this – if you can’t afford to raise your children yourself without constant financial handouts or give-aways – then don’t have them!! I am sick to death of having my tax dollars fund these constant whiners. So then people say – well – are you saying that poorer people shouldn’t have children. Poorer people or anyone for that matter is quite welcome to have children – but make sure you are able to provide for them. Just churning out kids with the expectation that all of the rest of us should pay for them is ridiculous. If you don’t have money to feed your kids or clothe them then it is stupid and abusive to bring them into the world. I agree that circumstances can change and some people may need a helping hand from time to time but that is not what we are talking about here – we are talking about people who are raking in money and other benefits by having the rest of the taxpayers pay to raise their kids.  If you can’t afford to send your kids to “organized sports” – it shouldn’t be the problem of the rest of the taxpayers. Buy them a ball and glove or a badminton or tennis racket and a can of tennis balls and let them make the effort to go to a public court like the rest of us did. Or let them do something to earn the money to buy it themselves – it might actually build character in them to learn that everything doesn’t fall from the sky. You are raising a generation of kids who constantly whine because everything is being handed to them and they don’t know how to earn their way. I’m not in the least down on poor families – there are a lot of “poor” women who have busted their asses to raise their kids on their own and if you talk to their kids – they love their mothers because they taught them to work hard and have values and they spent time with their kids. Parents just want money to spend so their kids will do something that doesn’t require them to expend any actual energy to teach them anything or just spend time with them. The future looks dim for when this generation takes over – hopefully I’ll be long gone by then.

This is as good a time as any to transition into the next issue that gets my goat. I want to ask people whether they spend their time living under rocks or what. Do you know how many little kids I see walking along streets by themselves? It would only take a predator in a vehicle less than a minute to snatch a child and then spirit them away to do God only knows what (I can’t bear to think about it) to that child. The world is not trustworthy at all – the news is filled every day with stories of shootings and stabbings and missing persons. I can hardly dare to think of how many children or women or people are out there somewhere being held captive without anyone even having a clue that it is in a dwelling right next door to them. Anyone who has their head so far in the sand that they don’t think this is happening is dreaming in technicolour. Wake up folks – don’t let your child be walking along alone no matter how safe you think it may be.

Now my last item for this blog (perhaps you are thinking thank God – well you didn’t have to read it at all). Good old Donald down south of us. When are people down there going to muzzle this jerk? His latest tirade against Justin up here in Canada (and believe me I am no fan of Justin) but it is just ridiculous and the name calling and the slagging of Canada really aggravates me. Donny is a school-yard bully (that is why he and Mr. North Korea) have something in common. For him to call Justin a liar – when he takes the prize as a world-class liar himself is laughable if it weren’t so sad. He talks about tariffs, calls world leaders by nasty names or constantly disses them – and when someone dares to say something back – he has a tantrum – and the loser fart-catchers who are his aides follow suit. One of them said that Justin made him look weak as he was about to meet with Mr. North Korea. If a comment by our PM made him look weak – then he wasn’t very strong in the first place. Now Donny says the PM just cost the Canadian people a lot of money – so like a bully – he is whining and is going to punish other innocent people because he has a thin skin. This is typically the old “I can dish it out but I can’t take it” kind of whiner. One of his people is now apologizing for his comment about there being a special place in hell for Justin. Maybe there is – I don’t care – but they all have dissed Canada and the Canadian people – oh these were the same people who had their backs during 9/11 when they were looking for a safe place for US citizens on planes to land. But Donny has a selective approach to history and has a track record of being notoriously wrong when it comes to the facts and when he is called on it in the media, he and his followers cry “fake news.” I have a solution for things – but it requires that Canadians stand up and come together and be proud of being Canadian and for once stand collectively on something. Stop travelling to the US and spending your tax dollars down there – stop cross-border shopping and let them lose the countless billions of dollars that Canadians pump into the US economy shopping and vacationing down there. As soon as their tourist industry starts to see they are losing Canadian tourist dollars in a big way – there will be ripplings of dissent down in the US. Also, stop taking in their “refugees” that are crossing illegally. Donny was smart because he scared these folks into our economy and they have become our tax burden while “true refugees” are being displaced as well as those immigrating here legally. Canadians need to smarten up and start pulling together. Apparently there has been a “slump” under Donny but we need, as Canadians, to make more of an impression – since he only talks dollars – then keep our money here in Canada. You won’t die if you don’t go to the USA to shop or vacation. We need to stop kissing the ass of a bully.

So that’s a few things for now and for you to ponder.


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June 13, 2018 at 10:59 am

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